Text Box: Life Theory… It’s a place. 
A place to explore all aspects of life, the good and bad, personal and impersonal, meaningful and confusing. It is all, relevant. 
Every perspective and experience reflects a piece of a much larger puzzle. 
These pieces, need to fit together to reveal the complete picture. 
As an individual, you are an integral part of life. Your Life means something. 
This is a place for you to grow in understanding and experience, to discover your own evolutionary path. The journey starts… here.

When everything has been said and done, there are  a few things remaining untouched, bare, pure. The differentiation is held in the fine detail each person chooses to express themselves. What is expression, really?

What is art? Is it being creative? Is it having the ability or power to create? To produce? To be original? Expressive? To have the ability of communicating a message? To have an idea?

And how is art confined and determined? Categorized and restricted? Is art not freedom? And if so, then why are artists so  isolated by society, as if punished for daring to stand out.

When one artist is, then he excels at his kind. When artists are united, skills are combined, knowledge is enriched, one completes the other. They form a stronger force. They have a message to express.

Sp keep your eyes open and your ears alert, the revolution is not far, you just need to... perceive.

Without prejudice nor judgment. Without conditioned inflicted schemes. Just let yourself free and be. Just look. And listen.

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